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Rebalancing - deep body work

(and also meditation, therapy and massage)

"Mentally holding on to certain believes and attitudes is the same as holding certain blocks and tensions in particular body parts."

Rebalancing means restoring balance. It looks like massage, but this is only the form.  Rebalancing is very deep individual body work which includes physical, mental and energetic levels of a person.

You can come to a rebalancing session with a specific issue or in order to give attention to body-mind-heart or see more clearly and feel where you at right now.


Rebalancing individual sessions:

-you become more in touch with your body and you begin to understand it better;

-you regain gracefulness and beauty, naturalness and strength of your body;

-the cause of tension in the body is eliminated;

-your posture improves;

-the condition of your joints and muscular tissues improves;

-on the basic level the body tension is released;

-you have more vitality, life and creative energy;

-increase of the energy in the individual;

-you regain your wholeness - the unity of mind, spirit and body;

-heightened awareness;

-mind clarity;

-you become aware and transcend your rigid self image;

-improved self-confidence;

-changes in your perception;

-release of held emotions;

-you heal your psychological traumas and open your heart to love;

-heightened sensitivity;

-your awareness becomes reoriented towards the inner space of silence;

-you become more spontaneous and efficient in life.

The sessions are given:  Meera 

Body therapist.

Graduated from OSHO REBALANCING® Institute. Certified rebalancer. Also did a professional training for body therapists (at SGT Therapists). Specializes in working with body tensions and blocks, muscular armoring and emotions connected with it. In her work she combines the knowledge of the physical body, meditative approach, her experience with therapy, subtle sensitivity and intuitive vision. She leads individual and group work and Osho meditations. Assists in therapy groups.

Reading Energy, Reiki, Bioenergetics (4). Finished Tantra Training (Deva Homa and Mukto, Brazil) 2011- 2013.

Has been doing her personal spiritual practice for more than 10years.